Blucore is excited to launch its new sponsorship program, the Gene Pool.

We’re looking for talented, dedicated, motivated young swimmers who deserve recognition for their achievements.  Blucore Gene Pool members receive a team pack, including a Corsuit and other goodies, as well as exclusive first access to future Blucore products and events.

In the Pool so far:

Shayna Jack (Chandler Swimming Club)
Kyle Chalmers (Marion Swimming Club)
William Stockwell (Yeronga Park Swimming Club)
Rowan Crothers (Yeronga Park Swimming Club)
Jye Cornwell (Yeronga Park Swimming Club)
Minna Atherton (BGS Swimming Club)
Calypso Sheridan (BGS Swimming Club)
Mark Adi (BGS Swimming Club)
Elliott Mitchell (West Brisbane Aquatic Club)
Bailey Paties (West Brisbane Aquatic Club)
Molly Atkinson (River City Rapids Swim Club)
Daniel Ashcroft (River City Rapids Swim Club)
Tom Elliot (SOPAC Swim Team)
Jacob Hansford (SOPAC Swim Team)
Hayden Hinds-Sydenham (SOPAC Swim Team)
Matt Wilson (SOPAC Swim Team)
Shaun Banzon (Casey Tigersharks Swim Club)
Zac Stubblety-Cook (East Brisbane Swim Club)
Ben Carlyon (Commercial Swimming Club)
Matt Haanappel (Norwood Swim Club)
Dom Richardson (TSS Aquatic)

GenePool FB SWIMSWAM copy2

To nominate, send us a video of you or someone you know doing something extraordinary in training, in the gym or in a race. The most impressive entries will be inducted into the Blucore Gene Pool. Submit your videos to our Facebook page or email them to