The Corsuit is designed as an alignment feedback tool…


Respond to the pressure of the Corsuit on your back to move from an arched body position to a straight, streamlined and mechanically superior one.

For best results, begin by practicing realigning on land (as shown above). Once you can identify the feel of the Corsuit on an arched back versus a flat one, take it to the water. As you swim, focus on keeping your back as flat as possible against the Corsuit, while keeping your arms, shoulders and legs relaxed and moving normally.

Extra tips for breaststrokers and butterfliers:


Use the Corsuit to help you drive forward at the front of your stroke. As your arms pull backwards during the propulsive phase of the stroke, some arching of the back is fine. Then, as your arms recover forward and your legs drive, flatten your back into the Corsuit to ensure you are as streamlined as possible for the fastest portion of the stroke.

Keep an eye on our blog for some examples of targeted drills that can help you get the most out of your Corsuit and yourself.